Faculty of Agriculture
Institute of Zootechnics
Laboratory of Animal Genetics
Project name Year Class Status
Intrabiodiv ??? International Closed
Resgen ??? International Closed
Econogene ??? International Closed
FIRB swine ??? National Closed
Cariplo ??? National Closed
Salmerini ??? National Closed
Asini National Closed
Trace International In progress
FIRB Nanotech - Latemar 2005 National Closed
FIRB piattaforma National In progress
PRIN fertility National In progress
PRIN Nanotech 2006 National Closed
Meat quality National In progress
Globaldiv International In progress
Rendena National In progress
SelMol 2007 National In progress
HapMap 2007 International In progress
Submitted projects?? ??? ??? ???
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Last update: 10/02/2010